The SOTA-Project is a collaboration with with Mayan Grand Elder Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj "Tata" to see that peace, health and harmony increase and reign on Earth. Time is precious so we appreciate this visit with you. Our prayer is that you and others benefit from being here. Welcome to the Shift of the Ages website friend.

Clearly put, the Shift of the Ages is the widely prophesied transformation from one world era to another. Over the years this small grass-roots project has helped bring about many inspiring events around the world. It's united powerful leaders and brought together a brilliant network of good people collaborating for a better world .

Part of the SOTA-Project was to produce and share a transformational film we call  Cambio de las Eras, or Shift of the Ages in English. In the spirit of collaboration, it was important that Tata and the other Native American Elders portrayed in the film had, and continue to have, voice in all aspects of this project. The Elders in the movie are partners that have guided the film project through the entire process of development. This is why we proudly say the film is...

Made with Indigenous Leadership and Guidance