Welcome to Shift of the Ages!

The SOTA Elder’s Council is on a mission.

As Wandering Wolf, Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Grandmother Elizabeth make the journey to ask world leaders to make a shift, they ask each of us to take a stand to:

We invite you to share in this journey and help support their mission to restore the Sacred.  Each of us has a role to play, as we heal ourselves and our planet. As they stand, so do we.  Together, we will see the New Day our ancestors foretold.

In support of Wandering Wolf’s urgent call, we invite you to join us in raising awareness of these important issues and to treat fellow humans as one human family.  Together, we can see Wandering Wolf’s vision of us all walking freely upon the the Earth.  One home, one family.  Learn more about how you can:

Shift In Action

Made with Indigenous Guidance and Leadership

Made with indigenous guidance and leadership, the Shift of the Ages film is an educational and fundraising tool to advance the unification of the human family and healing our planet. We humbly ask you to support the film and share it with others.

All funds raised through the SOTA Movement are directed to advancing the shift by organizing gatherings, indigenous outreach and sharing the message. 25% of all net proceeds go directly to the SOTA Elders Council to assist in restoring the sacred.

Shift Action & Resource Map:

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Shift Action

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Gift a Shift and share the message with others online, with a sponsored DVD or by hosting a showing.

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